We live in an age of disruption.


    Seize the opportunity.



    We make it easy to seize the opportunity in disruption.


    Leverage foresight to identify the disruption relevant to your business.



    Understand how that disruption creates opportunity.



    Make the guiding choices needed to seize opportunity from disruption.


    Planet, people, power, prosperity, position and progress are the six dimensions of disruption.
    Let us partner with you to identify the disruption relevant to your business.
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    Planet encompasses the impact of human activity upon the natural world including the extraction of natural resources, the pollution we create, and the collapse of major environmental systems.


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    People describes our presence, covering the physical size and distribution of the population, the attitudes of society, and the opportunities for health, education and employment.


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    Power reflects the ways and means of control over human activity, not just politics but the influence of media and other stakeholders, and the threat of war, euphemistically described as security.


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    Prosperity is the financial consequences of our actions, extending beyond the economic generation of income and wealth, to include their distribution, and the consequences of globalisation.


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    Position turns disruption into threat and risk. Lack of agility in corporate vision, business model and culture will create tension with a changing world.


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    Progress is the innovation we deploy to enact change, beyond digital into mechanical technology and the sciences of physics, chemistry, and biology.



    We have a long track-record of working with businesses to seize the opportunity in disruption.
    Here are just a few of our success stories.
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    New markets opportunity

    When new technology improved the capability of our client's laboratory, service quality improved incrementally.  Working with the owner we then identified and prioritised new markets, new clients and new products, turning disruption from a small opportunity into a big opportunity.  

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    Segmentation opportunity

    Our insurance client assembled a revolutionary technology which measures insurance risk on an individual rather than a pooled basis.  With the major shareholder we segmented the addressable market and refined the value proposition generating significant growth in customer acquisitions.

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    Development opportunity

    Tyre particles damage the environment, a worsening problem as electric vehicles wear their tyres faster than traditional cars.  We worked with our client to focus their cleaner-tyre research on the biggest commercial opportunities, reducing both development costs and time-to-market.

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    Agency opportunity

    With the distribution arm of a luxury car manufacturer we developed the pricing model and investment case for a business model shift from wholesale to agency, improving margins for both the manufacturers and retailers, while simultaneously increasing consumer satisfaction.

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    Audience opportunity

    Working with the senior management of global media and telecoms companies, we developed a number of distribution strategies for family, movies and sports content, using novel bundling techniques, distributor incentives, and content localisation.  All generated audience growth in the face of a headwind of digital fragmentation.


    Strategy captures the opportunity from disruption.



    Strategy is the choices that guide an organisation.


    In anticipating disruption, strategic guiding choices create opportunity.



    Three-dimensional strategic perspective from industry, investing and academia.
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    Dotcom veteran

    Philip's outstanding commercial experience of seizing opportunity from disruption was gained when he held senior positions in strategic planning and business development at blue-chip companies in the global technology, media and telecoms industries during the dotcom revolution of the 1990s and 2000s.

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    Award-winning fund manager

    Philip won the prestigious Extel European Fund Manager of the Year award in 2013, as well as numerous other sector-specific awards in automotive, media, retail, leisure and luxury, recognising the long-term success of his investments in businesses which outperformed their peers by virtue of opportunity-seeking strategies in the face of disruption.

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    Prize-winning academic

    Philip gained a Distinction from Saïd Business School at Oxford University for his research on the opportunities in the disruption of the automotive industry, alongside the Saïd Prize in his (masters-level) Diploma in Strategy and Innovation.  He still teaches and mentors students at Oxford.  Philip holds an MA in Economics from Cambridge University and is a Chartered Accountant.


    Let’s find the opportunity in disruption.


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